Roxie Nafousi is a writer, qualified yoga teacher, ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation, Self-Love Activist, Manifesting Expert and an Instagram Agony Aunt. 

Roxie was very open and warm to chat to. She explained about the importance of practising self-love in order to manifest from the right place and how she learnt to balance her ambition and drive with being a new mum by combining self-care practises such as yoga and meditation. She also talked about how she finally has come to find a healthy relationship with exercise and food. Roxie is inspiring and encouraging, as she really believes that everyone can feel better and be happier by making small adjustments to their daily life and that if she can do it anyone can. 

Roxie’s tips for a creating success and maintaining a good work life balance were fab, firstly she advocated being mindful and present with whatever you are doing, whether working or relaxing or with friends. Secondly how important it is to take time for yourself to recharge, time not just off work and then being with your partner or children but actual time out for yourself, whether it’s taking an exercise class, having a blow dry or booking a massage. Her other top tips were to have an organised home to save you time every day and turning off email notifications when you are not working. All of them make perfect sense and are very attainable, just book me in for that massage right now! 

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Roxie runs regular workshops on manifesting and self-love and has lots of great meditations and affirmations available to buy on her website.

Also follow her on Instagram @roxienafousi and check out her podcast “The Moments That Made Me” 

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