Thank god for September. We are back to school and work, after endless months of lockdown comfort eating which rolled into a steady stream of drinking. My lockdown skills should have been learning Mandarin or at least doing my wedding album but instead I took up bread making and smoking. There is some solace in knowing that I am not alone with this, as most of the country seemed to gain about a half stone during lockdown and excessive summer drinking is a national sport. It’s hardly surprising we go so nuts in the summer when it’s really only a few weeks a year, I’m sure you could track the summer weather patterns simply by looking at Majestic’s rose sales.

After a while though none of these earthly pleasures were giving me much joy, you can’t keep chasing the highs and I hate being hooked on anything, especially smoking, so in the spirit of a new school year I have chucked away the roll ups, gone back to the gym, purposefully killed my sour dough starter and am adopting the five-two approach to alcohol. This system is new to me, my initial interpretation was perhaps that it meant five bottles of wine and two bottles of vodka, or five glasses of wine followed by two shots. However I’m now following a more moderate approach of five nights off drinking and two night on, I know this may sounds a little dull, but its working. Having had to fend off a sudden onset of depression, with the leaves falling, a chill in the air and the knowledge that soon it will be dark at four pm, I had to make a few lifestyle adjustments to see me through, the first being letting my body do its nightly repair work without having my organs swishing around in a sea of tequila.

The others are quite simple too, I’ve started a twelve week course of Symprove, a liquid pre and probiotic that you take it first thing in the morning. Highly recommended by a podcast guest and the creator of Microbirth (really worth a watch) as the ultimate hangover cure, Symprove works to improves your gut microbiome and thus helps your immune system work better, which in turn benefits your mental health, quite a win win.

There are a couple of other nutritional add ons that I can also recommend. With the change of the seasons we can catch colds or get a bit run down, so few swigs of elderberry syrup also works as a brilliant little immune booster, I love the one from Pukka Herbs and younger kids will love Sambucol, to be used at any sign of a sniffle. Another good way to get a health kick underway is with some energy boosting smoothies. Josh has been making us some banging morning concoctions for our breakfasts, adding in lots of super food powders such as Hemp, Acai, Moringa, Cacao, and Super Berry to a frozen fruit mix with a scoup of Super Nova protein powder. Topped off with coconut flakes, cacao nibs, Necta and Hive honey and freeze-dried fruits, they are totally delicious.

As for supplements, I think a daily vitamin C is essential, with the amazing Your Zooki liposomal vitamin C being my total favourite, its perfect to take if you are already sick. I’m also trying out Bone Growth , from fab British brand Wild Nutrition, recommended to me by a very healthy and energetic friend, it has calcium and vitamin d for bone health plus magnesium and copper for maintenance of your connective tissues, sounds good hey? Josh has also found this great Aussie brand JS Health who have great targeted supplements like “Detox and Debloat” and “Skin and Digestion” definitely worth checking out. Finally when I remember I take a daily drop of Iodine which is good for breast tissue health and thyroid function. Also ever hoping for an increase in brain power, I am trying krill oil as a source of omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. Krill is said to be more accessible to the body and has the added bonus of being more sustainable.

Life is to be enjoyed and these are just a few ideas to help get your energy up. We all deserve to feel healthy and indulge ourselves and by getting your body into a healthy balance it should be able to handle anything life or your Friday night might throw at it. If you are even wondering whether you need a kick start to your health (and my guess is you probably do) I suggest you have a look at you most used emojis for a quick insight into your life. As my lovely therapist friend reckoned during a recent girls night, they can make for a pretty good self -assessment, a snap shot of where you’re at. So incase you were questioning whether my health kick really was in order and in the spirit of transparency and honesty here are mine. Interpret as you will.